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Members of Alabama Share Their Personal Battles with Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease
The well-known singer from Alabama, Randy Owen, had to deal with a terrifying diagnosis of prostate cancer.
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George Clooney’s Heartfelt Response to Criticism of Amal Clooney’s Appearance
George Clooney: A Man in Love with His Unusual Wife George Clooney, the adored actor best known for his
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Ozzy Osbourne: Still Rocking Despite Health Challenges.
The well-known rock musician Ozzy Osbourne has been in the news lately because of health issues.
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Discovering the Astonishing Secret in his Backyard
John Sims had no notion that he would discover a mystery that would enthrall not just the state of Arizona
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Many know her as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s wife – but she’s also famous in Hollywood
In my opinion, one of the smartest and funniest sitcoms ever produced is Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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Malia Obama, 25, debuted a new moniker as she began her Hollywood career
Malia Obama, the adult daughter of former First Lady and President Barack and Michelle Obama, is secretly
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If you cut a watermelon and it looks like this, throw it away immediately
Throw discard a watermelon right away if it looks like this when you cut it. The most popular seasonal
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Husband kisses wife’s head before birth and murmurs 5 words; one hour later, he is a single dad to quadruplets.
It’s difficult to describe our feelings when we learn we will be parents for the first time.
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What Has Melissa Sue Anderson Been Up To?
Actress Melissa Sue Anderson was born in Berkeley, California, on September 26, 1962. She gained notoriety
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The Inspiring Story of Carrie Underwood’s Struggles and Victories
Renowned for her talent and accomplishment, Carrie Underwood has accomplished incredible things in her career.