I asked my friend not to bring her children to my wedding. It seemed like she understood everything, but on the day of my wedding, a huge surprise awaited me.

Ksenia was the name of an old friend of mine. Since we were kids, we were pals. With her, it was intriguing and enjoyable. But she had a shortcoming. Ksenia did not listen to anyone else. When we were younger, it wasn’t a major issue. Yes, it was necessary for me to say the same thing three times before she finally listened.

I didn’t take this characteristic of her seriously back then. It wasn’t a big deal, then, that I had to repeat myself a few times before she finally paid attention. There are no perfect people in the world, and she was a terrific friend in all the other ways.

However, it was this particular facet of her personality that led to our disagreement. She married right away after graduating from college. Thankfully, the offending party decided to marry her in good faith rather than flee. In contrast, I attended college, received my degree, found employment, and gradually developed my career. But our relationship remained intact.

Despite the fact that our interests didn’t always align, we nevertheless thought of ourselves as friends. After all, friendship doesn’t depend on how often you talk to someone, does it? Our friendship startled my mother. “On what basis can you even speak? She doesn’t have any other interests besides gossiping. Well, my mum was correct in a certain respect.

Ksenia had three kids by the time of my wedding, who were ten, eight, and six years old. Of course, I extended an invitation to Ksenia and her spouse for the wedding. But I told her right away, “Don’t bring the kids!” The mayhem that my cousin’s kids caused at her wedding was something I had witnessed. only your hubby and you! I emphasized the caution eight times because I knew she had a tendency to ignore things.The day of my wedding eventually came. Ksenia arrived with her entire family in tow. “I did warn you — no kids!” I grimaced. “Where am I supposed to put them?” you ask. It’s not a concern of mine. Look after them. You and your hubby will make me very delighted to see you here. I replied angrily. They went. And they did not come back. My calls go unanswered with Ksenia. She seemed insulted, as if it were my fault that she wasn’t receptive to my comments.

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