What a girl looks like now, who is substantially larger than her contemporaries, she is a world record holder

Today, we’ll talk about a little girl who, at the age of four, has already set a record, but it’s not exactly normal. Chahat Kumar, an Indian, is significantly heavier than the average. She weighed 20 kg at the age of eight months!

She was born with no abnormalities and was deemed a normal baby for the first four months of her life. But then she started demanding food all the time, and if she wasn’t given it, she had tantrums. She weighs as much as two or three newborns her age, according to the medical assessment.

It turns out that there are still some outliers, and the girl’s voracious hunger is not typical. This is a rare hereditary condition that affects just a small fraction of the world’s population. Chahat’s parents, on the other hand, are unconcerned about the heiress, feeling that a strong appetite is preferable than a complete refusal to eat.

Kumar is four years old now, and she is still growing weight and eating everything she wants. However, it has the advantage of having no effect on the body.

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