Woman Declared ‘Dead’ For 27 Minutes – Upon Awakening She Hastily Wrote a Spine-Chilling Message

Tina, a woman of thirty years, and her husband Brian had a hike when she had a heart attack. When Brian saw she wasn’t breathing, he was the first to start CPR because of how serious her condition was. Fortunately, he was able to save her life, although Tina came dangerously close to passing away several times between the time the ambulance arrived and the time she was taken to the hospital.

She required six resuscitations by medical professionals. Tina was thus “dead” for a total of 27 minutes.

Even after receiving the critical medical care she required, this mother of four remained near death and was mute. Brian prayed all day and all night for Tina. He implored

God to intervene and bring her back to himself. He knew his dream had been fulfilled when the medics informed him that she had finally become conscious again.

Tina remained susceptible. She pulled herself together and held out a pen and paper. Her family and the doctors were aware that she had something crucial to communicate. She wrote something spooky on the page after they gave her the pen. Her remarks, according to many who heard them, sent shivers down their spines.

See the video below to learn about her incredible survival, her terrifying ordeal, and her message.

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