Woman sneaks out from the restaurant, when her fiance demanded her to pay the restaurant bill

On Reddit, a woman had posted her experience. She had said that her fiancé was making fun of her because she was earning more money than him, and he wanted her to cover the tab for him and his buddies at the restaurant.

Her fiance started talking about it when she said she received a 30% increase in her paycheck. “My fiancé (M37) and I have been engaged for five months. We don’t discuss money because that’s what he desires. I received a pay boost. I’ve observed that he’s been utilizing the fact that I make 30% more than he does to ask me to pay for him and his buddies. He would always answer with “the 30% that’s why” when I said “no” or “why should I pay for this.” He presents it as though I don’t deserve the 30% or that it is unjust.

She had declared before leaving that she would not be paying this time because he had deceived her multiple times to pay for the meals. He has asked me in public on multiple occasions to pay for his and his friend’s lunches, deceiving me into doing so. To be honest, I’m too polite to say “no.” I simply smile and pay since I detest conflict, especially in public settings like restaurants. He invited me to supper with him and his friends last Tuesday. I informed him right away that I wouldn’t be covering their meal costs and that he shouldn’t count on it. “Got this,” he said, adding “no worries.”

Her fiancé then suggested in a whisper during their dinner that she would pay again, to which she said negatively. “We arrived at the eatery. Ordered supper and met his mates. He also leaned in to whisper to me in the middle of the meal that I would be covering the cost of whatever he and his pals ordered. I was so angry that I responded with a mumbled “noooo,” but I think he was counting on me to keep quiet in front of his friends and the public. “You have enough money, remember, to pay for everyone’s food,” he remarked.

She became irate and, after paying her own account, returned home. “I was furious within. rather of taking offense and losing my cool. After waiting for the bills to arrive (which had already been divided when we placed our initial order), I paid for my and excused myself to use the washroom. After that, I stole out of there, got into my car, and drove home.

After that, her fiancé texted and called to find out where she was, to which she replied with the details. My fiancé began calling and texting me to find out where I was. I replied to his text, expressing my displeasure at how he had put me in this predicament and had essentially conned me into paying for his and his buddies’ dinner. I stopped responding after telling him I was going home.

“An hour later he came and started yelling at me calling me selfish, irrational, cheapskate, and childish for sneaking out like that and leaving him stuck with a bill he could not pay (He had to call his brother for help)” was how she continued when they got into a fight over the matter. After a heated dispute between us, he left. His buddies avoided talking to me about it, but he told me they were disappointed in my actions and advised him to “reflect” on the kind of woman he wants to marry.”

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