Discovering the Astonishing Secret in his Backyard

John Sims had no notion that he would discover a mystery that would enthrall not just the state of Arizona but himself when he went to Tucson. A rumor that something was buried in his lawn started it all. John’s curiosity overcame him, and he set out on a quest that would result in an amazing discovery.

The Mysterious Backyard

John was thrilled to purchase a friend’s home in midtown Tucson. He had no idea that his friend had told him a strange tale about something being buried on the land. John, intrigued by the story, made the decision to look into it more. He dug in his property in an attempt to find the truth. His discovery astounded him.

House with an enigmatic backyard

A Search for Solutions

John became more curious the more he learned. He had the unshakeable impression that there was yet more to learn. Armed with the information that an odd facility had been built on his property in 1961, he set out to uncover the mystery. He hired metal detector consultants to aid him in his search, and they located two spots in his property.

Metal detectors at work

Revealing the Mystery

Once the spots were indicated, John became excited and began to dig. It was not long until his shovel struck a solid object. He found a hidden treasure three feet beneath the grass. But this was no typical discovery. It turned out to be a bunker for nuclear bombs, constructed in the height of the Cold War to try and save families in case of nuclear war.

John uncovering the hatch

The Startling Past

John became aware of the broader historical implications of his discovery. Known as “Rocket City,” Tucson had housed eighteen ballistic missiles that might have caused catastrophic damage. Bomb shelters were widespread in the area, and John’s discovery provided insight into a time of great anxiety. His remarkable discovery was soon the subject of coverage by regional and even foreign newspapers as word of his story spread.

John's find gains attention

Changing the Past

John made the decision to convert his bomb shelter into a Cold War museum as a result of his finding. He gathered artifacts from the Cold War era, like HAM radios and Geiger counters, to try to capture the mood of that turbulent period. He did, however, also warn others to proceed with caution if they come across a bomb shelter. Because of the poisonous air and possible cave-ins, it can be risky to rush in without enough planning.

Cold War museum exhibit

Rebuilding a Historical Segment

John required assistance in order to completely renovate his bomb bunker and open it to the public. He created a GoFundMe page to gather money for the shelter’s reconstruction. To ensure the safety of guests, replacing the deteriorating staircase was one of his top objectives. John was able to revitalize this historical gem by carrying out the required repairs with the help of his community.

Rebuilding the bomb shelter

John’s garden discovery ultimately led to an exploration and preservation trip. It also acted as a reminder of a stormy period in the past. The secret buried beneath his feet is now a monument to the tenacious spirit of those who endured the Cold War because of his perseverance.

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