She Didn’t Cut Her Hair For 25 Years, But Wait Till You See Her Now

Everybody gets the temptation to occasionally modify how they look. Making small changes, such as changing our clothes or haircut that we’ve become bored of, is revitalizing.

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Rosa Ramirez, an American woman, eventually felt it was time for a change after an astonishing 25 years without a haircut. Can you imagine without visiting a hair salon for so long?

Rosa used to stomp on her long hair since it had grown so long. She had always been proud of her 1.5 meter long hair, even though her husband had been urging her to change her hairstyle for years.

Rosa thought about it for a long time before finally gathering some friends and heading to the hair salon. She made the courageous decision to get her hair chopped shoulder-length. How amazing the change must have been!

Eda Motchka, the hair salon owner, expressed her happiness with the modification. In an interview, she stated, “We love to see different things done on customers — different styles — and we meet very often, and I always see her the same way.”

Rosa, however, had a unique motivation for chopping her hair. Four feet of her hair were donated to Locks of Love, a charitable organization that makes wigs for kids who have lost their hair to cancer. What a giving deed!

Rosa explained her choice by saying, “I think it would make somebody’s day who is suffering from a bad disease, it will make their day a little brighter.” It’s touching to witness how a small deed can make someone in need so happy.

Rosa’s transformational story is quite fascinating. Watch her amazing hair makeover in the video below.

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