I pushed my spouse out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring

A 25-year-old woman called Lisa Lee told Metro a heartbreaking tale.

She thought she heard what she thought was snoring one night as she slept next to her spouse. She gave her 25-year-old husband Lewis Little a little shove in an effort to get him to stop snoring.

“I shoved him out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring. However, I discovered there was a problem when I noticed the sheet was damp. He couldn’t breathe, so I turned on the light and examined his wounded face. Lisa said, “I called the ambulance, but it felt like a lifetime had passed until it arrived.

The physicians informed the distraught woman that her husband had been deceased for a few hours when the ambulance eventually arrived.

She was aware that she had heard him snore, so she was reluctant to accept it. At that moment, they informed her that the sound she believed to be snoring was actually air leaving his body and brushing against his vocal cords.

Lisa knew her husband had Brugada syndrome, a rare cardiac illness that affects the heart’s rhythm and is typically inherited. Lewis was given the assurance that he would live a long time and that his life was not in danger, despite the fact that this disease can be fatal.

One year after his diagnosis, he died.

We sincerely apologize for this loss. I hope he finds peace.

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