This woman gave up her organ for her well-known husband; after 17 years of marriage, they got divorced because of his infidelity.

After sacrificing an organ for her famous comic husband, the woman and him ended their marriage. In addition to dealing with health concerns and a life-threatening circumstance, the couple had a daughter. Although the woman saved his life, their marriage failed in the end.

Actor George Lopez, who required a kidney transplant in 2005 after his kidneys failed, was married to Ann Serrano. According to his biography, “George Lopez: Latino King of Comedy,” Lopez desired not to disclose his health crisis to his daughter, Mayan Lopez, because of his notoriety.

George and his spouse Ann were falsely admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 2005. Ann was upbeat about George’s prognosis upon admission despite his renal condition, but George was concerned about their daughter’s future.

In 2010, George Lopez and Ann Lopez got divorced after spending 17 years married. Following George’s admission that he had cheated on Ann during their marriage, the couple faced criticism for calling it quits. George acknowledged in a CNN interview that he and Ann seemed like the perfect couple and that he deserved the criticism. Ann identified George’s involvement in their breakup in a TikTok video. Later, in January 2023, George made an appearance on “The View” to talk about his real-life family drama, “Lopez vs. Lopez.” He acknowledged that he needed to accept responsibility for his family’s disintegration even though he didn’t want to talk about his personal life. To address their concerns, George and Ann attended therapy together. The ex-spouses are still friendly and close to one another despite their separation.

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