“Give Her Something To Cover Up”: 49-Year-Old Heidi Klum Appeared In a Transparent Mesh!

Heidi Klum proved once again that the supermodels of the 90s can still give odds to the young.

It happened at the second part of the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021 – the organizers decided to split the red carpet into two evenings.

On the first day the 20-year-old tiktoker and close friend of the Kardashian clan Addison Rae could be called the most frankly dressed star of the award, who appeared in a transparent narrow ribbon instead of a top. However, the next evening 47-year-old Heidi Klum outdid her.

The supermodel appeared on the red carpet in a dress that, in fact, looked like a provocative black bodysuit with a transparent mesh  thrown over it. In general, this bold outfit from Aliette did not cover the figure of the star at all.

Klum loves spicy outfits. And age does not affect her fashion preferences. Even for an ordinary walk, Klum chooses outfits that not every young girl dares to wear.

For example, she recently walked around New York in almost one bra.

What do you think about the model’s outfits?

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