A 32-year-old woman was attacked by a polar bear after she jumped into their enclosure at the Berlin zoo

It’s highly likely that you have visited a zoo, in which case you have undoubtedly seen all the signs reminding people not to feed and not to approach animals. For the benefit of both people and animals, this is done.

Unfortunately, mishaps do occur, and occasionally people intentionally place themselves in risky positions. This is regrettably the case with a teacher who was dejected after failing to find employment for a while.

In particular, the 32-year-old Mandy leaped into the polar bear enclosure at the Berlin Zoo. She would have to scale wall, row of hedges, and fence to get there. Most importantly, she leaped into the enclosed space as the bearded animals were being fed.

She was attacked by one of the animals as was to be expected, and she suffered severe wounds from the powerful bites she received.

Fortunately, Mandy was saved by a zoo staffer who managed to frighten off the bear.

She had serious injuries on her back, leg, and arm.

She had surgery, and she is currently recuperating at the hospital.

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