He Asked Her How Many Men She Had Been With

At some time in our relationship, we probably will ask our significant other some questions. Maybe we should ask them what they would do in our death, or maybe we should ask them a more serious question.

How many partners a man and a woman have had in the past is one issue that frequently comes up in the early stages of a relationship. Although it is a common conversation, it is not an easy one.

In the joke that follows, that happened to the man and the woman, but it was taken too far. To put it another way, you will laugh at the conclusion. All you have to do is read it.

As the newlyweds lay in bed together, the husband enquires of her how many men she has dated. The woman looks up at the ceiling and doesn’t say anything in response to his question.

The spouse presses the issue, telling her that it’s alright to share it with him. What number of men have you dated? The wife’s gaze stays up, still met with silence.

The husband apologizes, acknowledging that his remarks may have affected the woman, stating, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” I just believed that we could be honest and trustworthy with one another.

However, his spouse doesn’t say anything anymore. The spouse, feeling defeated, gives in and says, “That’s okay, please don’t be upset.”

He tries to comfort her, but the wife doesn’t respond. In an attempt to heal their differences, the husband hugs and kisses her tightly as a sign of his love.

The wife seems to break her silence at this intimate moment. Her look changes to one of frustration as she shifts her attention from the ceiling to her husband. Oh, come on! she blurts out, a little exasperated. I’m losing my count because of you!

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