Dad sparks online debate after cradling daughter’s head for 45 minutes so she could sleep during a flight

People are frequently seen debating something or other on the internet these days.

Given that it essentially brought millions of people together in one location and allowed them to freely express their emotions, it was unavoidable. But they were always going to spark a heated argument, regardless of how diametrically opposed they were.

Even while contentious images and videos are becoming commonplace on the internet, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to check them out whenever they appear. Thus, when I saw a photo of a father and his dozing kid shot during a flight—one that, incidentally, has sparked a variety of comments—we had to share it.

The discussion started when Reddit user u/therra123 posted a wonderful photo of a father and daughter in the r/MadeMeSmile thread.

An image of a girl curled up on her aisle seat during a trip was submitted by the user. Her father had put his palm under her cheek, preventing her head from resting on the armrest, which is, I’m sure anyone who has used one, a quite harsh and coarse pillow.

“This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well,” says the Reddit caption that goes with the image.

We have to say at this point that, in our perspective, this appears to be no more than a father going about his business. Although the post was appropriately labeled “wholesome moments,” some Redditors disagreed.

Remarkably, the father’s activities drew criticism; some individuals wrote merely to point out that he could have done it more skillfully.

The widely shared post received approximately 60,000 likes and thousands of comments, with responses like these:

“It seems like… I believe there must be a better approach.

“Do you not have your towel?” said another. The most crucial item you can pack is a towel.

“Shows a distinct lack of creative problem solving,” said a third person. You claim that after 45 minutes, you were unable to come up with a workable answer. Hey!

A fourth person wrote, “Seriously. Fold up a sweatshirt, and presto! Instant-pillow. Here’s an absurd idea: request a blanket and pillow from a flight attendant.

Others, meanwhile, were more understanding of the father and his gesture. By coincidence, we also find ourselves in that category!

What about you, though? Was there anything improper, in your opinion, with the father using his kid as a makeshift pillow throughout this flight? Tell us in the comments below.

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