This image of a woman at an airport is gaining viral attention. Take a closer look, and you’ll understand why.

For an endearing reason, the image of the woman purchasing a ticket at an airline counter above has gone viral. Love What Matters posted the article on Facebook.

The caption of the picture describes a parent who discovered that his 2-year-old daughter’s ticket would not be free while he was checking in for a flight with her.

According to the article, “A gentleman was checking in for his flight when the agent inquired about the age of his daughter.” She had just turned two, he remarked. And that’s when the agent questioned if she had a ticket. Erroneously believing she could ride for free, the man was bewildered. (She was [1 year old] when he booked the ticket, but January was her birthday.)
The dad was overcome with sorrow because he was unable to pay for his small daughter’s second ticket, which would have been quite expensive.
He moved over and attempted to dial several numbers. You could see he was inconsolable as he grasped his head and gave his daughter a hug, according to the post.

Abruptly, an unfamiliar person approaches the tearful father. She spoke with him for a little while before approaching the ticket booth and pointing to the small girl, saying, “I want to buy her ticket.”
Startled, the agent inquired if she knew that a last-minute ticket for the trip would cost $749. The woman paid the full amount with her credit card, unfazed.
The report went on, “The man hugged the woman and asked for her name to repay her while the agent kept talking about how much she had goosebumps.” The woman persisted in telling me to not worry about it. She was willing to pay whatever price to assist that man and his daughter.

In order for the woman’s act of compassion to be known to a wider audience than only those in the same situation, the post asks readers to spread the tale.
The author asks readers to “please share this story because people like this need to be recognized.”
Over 32,000 people have shared the post, and it has received over 165 thousand likes. Numerous comments expressed how the woman is an inspiration and how the story had moved them.
A user mentioned that the woman in the photo is someone she knows.
I won’t reveal this woman’s identity. But she’s someone I know,” she writes. “I am aware that her family’s children and grandchildren come together often to talk about how they may use their blessings and wealth to help and support others. Every time I see her, she inspires me and gives without hesitation. She gives without being asked and is so full of love for everyone.

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