Woman Swerves To Miss Trash Bag In Road, Looks Closer And Gets The Chills

You’ve probably been there before. At the last minute, you decide to take a slightly different approach than usual.

You make a change to your coffee schedule or leave work a little early. Even the slightest change to your daily schedule can have a significant impact.
You unexpectedly reconnect with a long-lost friend, or you find out your partner has been unfaithful to you early after work.

There are moments when the changes are small, and moments when they are enormous.
Similar to what happened to Malissa Sergent Lewis one day last summer when she chose a different route to work.

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Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

One morning in the summer of 2016, Malissa Sergent Lewis was running late for work at her Kentucky elementary school.

Malissa chose to take a side route rather than the major highway since she wanted to arrive sooner.

Malissa will be appreciative of your decision forever.

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Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

All that was missing from the road that day was a trash bag.

However, this wasn’t just any old trash bag—it appeared to be alive.

“Did I just see that garbage bag move?’ I asked myself as I passed by this bag of trash. As I went closer, I could see it was moving,” Malissa said to The Dodo.

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Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

Malissa was driven to crack open the sack and discover what was within.

She got out of the car and cautiously approached the bag, not knowing what was inside.

Malissa realized that because the bag was knotted, whatever was inside did not just happen to be up there.

Malissa cautiously tore apart the corner of the bag to peek inside.

Even more astonishing was what was within.

It was a young dog. He was really happy to see me, too. When I cracked it open and he spotted light, he immediately began to wag his tail. It was unbelievable to me,” Malissa said to The Dodo.

After being placed in a trash bag, the puppy was discovered in the middle of the road. It would have been too long, even if the little child had just been in there for a second.

Although wearing a collar, the puppy lacked identification tags.

Malissa drove the dog to class with her since she couldn’t bear to leave him behind.

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Facebook/Malissa Sergent Lewis

Eventually, Malissa’s son brought the dog back to her home. Subsequently, he and Malissa brought the puppy to the veterinarian for examination and vaccination.

How the puppy ended up in a bag by the side of the road is a mystery.

Malissa was worried the puppy would be stolen or abandoned, so she called animal control.

But no one came forward to claim the dog, and it was not reported lost.

Thankfully, the dog has been adopted by Malissa and her family, so he will get the love and care he needs. She cannot, however, imagine who would commit such a horrible deed.

Who could harm an animal in such a way? No matter who you are, everyone has a puppy. Malissa told The Dodo, “Putting an animal, any animal, in a garbage bag and dumping it on the side of the road is a real coldhearted person.”

To view a video about the demonstration, click this link:

The world’s methods are mysterious. Malissa wouldn’t

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