This 60s heartthrob was hooking up with groupies, partying with the Rolling Stones, and in AA by the age of 19 – look at him now

One member of the well-known band Herman’s Hermits in the 1960s was Peter Noone.

It would be simple to draw comparisons between him and a modern-day Justin Beiber or Harry Styles because of his boyish appeal and thick hair.

But there’s one clear distinction between today’s adolescent idols and this past teen idol.

As the frontman of Herman’s Hermits, Peter Noone shot to fame in his teens thanks to his endearing looks and voice. The group became well-known after touring both America and Britain.

“I’m Into Something Good,” the band’s 1964 number one song in England, was their debut.

“It’s just not the same anymore; Herman’s Hermits sold millions of records before anyone saw us,” Noone remarked.

“I had no idea what I was doing; I was basically just a shy little boy playing a role on stage.”

In 1965, Noone and his band even outsold the Beatles in sales of their more than twenty hit records. I’m Into Something Good, No Milk Today, and There’s A Kind of Hush (All Over the World) were among their top singles.

By the time the band was seventeen, they had secured a million-dollar record deal, and one of the pinnacles of Noone’s career came when Elvis Presley came on stage in 1965 to play one of their hits, “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am.”

“Who cares, he was making fun of me?” asks Noone. “Elvis was there!”

Noone was already leading the stereotypical rocker lifestyle at this young age.

“But without the drug bit,” he maintains. “I never was into that stuff.”

However, when questioned about all the other common rock ‘n’ roll customs?

Yes. When we were sixteen or seventeen, it was easy for us to stay up late, go on the rampage, and then get up early the next day to go to shows and interviews. It was an amazing experience.

Noone is back on the road at the age of 64 as a member of Britain’s Solid Silver 60s Show. Other musical icons from the era, such as Brian Hyland (“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”) and Brian Poole of The Tremeloes (“Do You Love Me” and “Twist And Shout”), would accompany him instead of his fellow Hermits veterans.

“The excitement of touring never gets old, and it’s encouraging to know we can still draw crowds,” remarks Noone. I’m never quite sure how to react when people approach me and start singing all the old songs in my face.

Since the 1970s, no one has moved to California and swiftly adopted the state’s healthy way of life.

He claims, “I feel very lucky and try to look after myself. Not many people survived the debauchery of the sixties.” There weren’t many people remaining when I attended Mickie Most’s funeral nine years ago. Most was the band’s producer and a panelist on the TV talent show New Faces. It does force you to pause and reflect.

He recalls visiting a Moody Blues member’s home, which was regarded as a true den of immorality. I used to hang out with the girls even though none of them were big smokers. As a fly on the wall, I was.

Noone smiled and said, “I did like to drink—I used to go out with Richard Harris and try to drink more than him.”

“Even though the Stones and Beatles were around seven years older than me, I used to adore them and always wanted to hang out with them.

John Lennon would pay my drinks when we went to the Ad Lib bar in London since he knew I was just 16 and wouldn’t get wasted and try to beat someone up.

Noone, who was raised in Manchester, has acknowledged that he didn’t feel all that “interesting,” so he drank primarily to fit in with the others.

The musician chose to go to his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with his father, who was also a heavy drinker, when he was 19 years old.

Although I wouldn’t have considered myself an alcoholic, I made the decision to cut back after realizing that you have to be considerate of other people’s sentiments and capable of performing on stage. I haven’t touched a drop in around 16 years, but I had to do it for my own benefit.

“I would not stop my wife from drinking if she so chooses; I would not stop those around me from doing so.”

The multi-talented performer and his spouse Mirielle have been together for 43 years. When Noone was twenty years old, they became together when he was still seeing several women.

He acknowledges, “I think it was probably lust at first sight with Mireille.” After learning how kind she was, our relationship developed into love.

“She kept saying no, but I rented the apartment next to them while she was vacationing in Ibiza with her mother. The reason her mother liked me was that I was courteous. I managed to subdue Mireille.

Noone left the band in 1971 at the age of twenty-four. The couple was married in 1968 and had a daughter named Nicole.

“Although we were all close at first, by the end we’d been together so long and wanted to do different things,” said the band.

After his solo career didn’t take off, he moved to the stage in the 1980s, hosting the American television music program “My Generation” and making an appearance in a Broadway version of “Pirates of Penzance.”

He made an appearance on American Idol a few years ago as a voice coach and mentor.

He added, “The Beatles would have most likely lost if they had competed on television,” during his speech on the program. Although Simon Cowell appears like a really kind guy, in my opinion, he’s just a secondhand Mickie Most.

Speaking about the present trip once more, Noone clarified, “I was going to work as a clerk at the local NatWest, most likely. How fortunate am I to be doing this at the age of 64? Right now, I also know what I’m doing. I’m not the bashful little child I was then.

Peter never loses his charm or cuteness, regardless of age!

Even being 75 years old, he still has a wonderful voice and looks FANTASTIC.

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