He Dug A Hole In His Yard And All The Neighbors Were Jealous

Have you ever dug a hole in your yard because you were so determined to change your home? Wayne Martin did just that, in fact. And although his neighbors might have initially believed he was insane, they soon discovered he had a really clever scheme up his sleeve.

Wayne had considerably bigger plans than to just pour dirt or water into the hole. He made the decision to fill the hole with a large 20-foot shipping container, turning it into a distinctive and useful addition to his land.

However, this wasn’t your typical cargo container. Wayne transformed it into a cozy and useful area by going above and beyond. He designed a space that resembled a basement and could serve as a safe haven in the event of a storm, missile assault, or other emergency by adding a few more details and comforts from home.

Is it possible to have a place as amazing as this in your backyard? It makes sense why Wayne’s neighbors were envious. Wayne gained peace of mind and a unique getaway from this creative undertaking in addition to increasing the value of his house.

What do you think of Wayne’s clever concept? Would you think about carrying out a similar task? Please leave a comment below with your ideas on how you might improve your own house.

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