Boy Didn’t Stop Kicking My Seat during a Long Flight – My Dad Taught His Parents a Nice Lesson

Even without confrontation, long-haul flights can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, in addition to the hardship of travel, one father-daughter pair had to deal with a crowded plane and a child whose parents failed to provide for him.

A family got into a fight with the family seated behind them on a lengthy nighttime flight returning from India a few years ago. A couple and their roughly 9- or 10-year-old kid were placed in front of the father and his then-14-year-old daughter.

The little child behind them started kicking the daughter’s chair repeatedly as the plane rose higher into the night sky, breaking the peace of the ride. When the father first addressed the matter, he simply asked the youngster to stop kicking. The youngster paused, but it was only momentarily before he resumed.

The boy’s mother was seated behind him when the father made the calculated decision to fully recline his seat. She asked whether the man wanted to keep his seat reclined when the mother and her husband objected and sought the help of a flight attendant. The flight attendant affirmed that the parent may do as he liked after receiving an affirmative response.

After exchanging a few quiet glances, the small boy stopped kicking the young girl’s seat. But in order to make sure the newlyweds had learnt their lesson, her father reclined his seat for an hour.

The story entertained a large number of individuals. Someone proposed that the father ought to have waited until the couple had been served beverages before totally reclined his seat, potentially spilling the drinks on them.

Another individual mentioned that until they experienced a problem firsthand, many individuals wouldn’t comprehend how it affected other people. The commenter said that the pair didn’t give a damn about how their son’s kicks affected other people because they were unable to feel them while he was in the chair. But when their comfort was threatened, they realized they had to take something.

Some even offered anecdotes that resembled the story on this billboard. One woman related how a man sitting behind her on a flight returning from Egypt had caught her attention. He was furious that a woman was seated in front of him, and every time she moved, he violently kicked her seat.

The woman once leaned back a little, which made the male ask to speak to a flight attendant. A woman shouldn’t be permitted in his zone, the man cried. He pushed her seat as hard as he could, hoping to get it straight and out of his way.

The woman was free to recline her seat if she so desired, the flight attendant informed the male. Despite her husband’s offer to move seats, the woman was adamant that she would spend the entire seven-hour flight in her current seat.

When they went from the US to the UK, another Reddit member revealed that they were eighteen. They were seated across from a toddler who was kicking their chair and generally making them uncomfortable. The tourist turned to the mother of the child and requested if she could please tell her to stop kicking the seat.

The mother of the child shrugged and remarked that her son was free to pursue his interests. The commentator retorted that, unless the mother wanted things to go ugly, she should rein her child in and that they could likewise do as they pleased. If the lady did not discipline her child, the individual threatened to humiliate her.

The passenger got up and yelled to the pilot that there was a problem with the child because the mother didn’t seem to be bothered. They went on to inquire as to whether the mother of the child was simply a bad parent or if anyone else was having the same problem. The person did not seem to care that the woman was getting angry.

Upon arrival at the airport following their flight, the passenger was welcomed by their companions. With their heads lowered, the woman and her son silently strolled by the group.

Even though these parents lacked the parenting skills to keep their kids under control while flying, one woman was denied entry to the aircraft with her child.

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