Heartbreak for Dog Surrendered to Shelter

Dog ownership is a lifetime commitment, but regrettably, a lot of people give up their animals for meaningless reasons or with no regard for what becomes of them. This terrible tale is but one instance of such callous abandonment.

Recently, a 7-year-old male canine was turned in to the Greenville, Texas, Animal Control Shelter. The cause? Because they were expecting a child, his owner thought they wouldn’t have enough time for the dog.

Having been taken from the only house he had ever known, just think of the bewilderment and grief this poor puppy must have felt. In addition to the uncertainty of not being able to find a new home, he ran the prospect of being put to death at the overcrowded shelter.

Fortunately, the Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue intervened and covered the adoption price of $17 in order to save this adorable dog. They posted on Facebook to express their dismay and anger with the owner’s decision, unable to contain their annoyance.

In a touching article, the rescue questioned the owner’s conduct and pleaded with them to take into account the emotional toll it inflicted on the dog. Was it really so simple for them to give up a faithful friend of seven years? Were they regretful of anything while they stood in line at the shelter? These inquiries served as a sharp reminder of the effects that this kind of neglect has on defenseless creatures.

The dog, now known as Rooney, exhibited resiliency and a compassionate demeanor despite considerable bodily discomfort from the turmoil. He slowly began to acclimate to his new surroundings while he stayed in solitude and tried to come to terms with being cast aside.

Rooney needs a loving permanent home where he will be adored for the rest of his life, and Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue is committed to finding him one. They want to put him with a family who will never desert him because they know what it is to be truly committed.

Though it pains us to think that Rooney had to endure such a horrific event, we find comfort in the knowledge that he is safe and in the capable hands of the rescue group. Let’s help Rooney find a new home where he will be accepted and loved for who he is by spreading the word about him.

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